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Reddneck Rhapsody
Reddneck Rhapsody is the best of Tommy Redd's material recorded outside of Nantucket.  There are 18 southern flavored songs on this cd.  Some are rock, some are country, some are funny, some are outrageous... but they are all here for a reason.  Tommy's love for the south inspired most of this material and he has even been accused of sounding... well... kind of redneck.  Welcome to Reddneck Rhapsody...

The Players
Tommy Redd - lead vocals, guitar, bass
Tommy (Too Tall) Evans - guitar, backing vocals
Rica Skelton - guitar, backing vocals
Mike Pitts - guitar
Terry Harper - bass, backing vocals
Tony Davis - drums
Merritt Partridge - drums, percussion, keys, backing vocals, effects

Produced by Merritt Partridge
Photography by Merch Mike
Graphic Design & Illustration by StudioDyess

Below are song samples for your listening pleasure. You can purchase the entire CD right here. You can also purchase digital copies of the CD or individual songs through iTunes or Amazon.

1. Britney Spears (One More Beer)
A strong, up tempo, country rocker.  Join in on the chorus, only if you've had a few.
1:23 Sample,
Entire song is 2:46
2. Reddneck Rhapsody
Move over Barry White. You haven't heard a love song til you've heard "Sweet T".  Having been passed around amongst musician circles, this is the redneck humor smash hit.
1:46 Sample,
Entire song is 5:51
3. Couldn't Scratch My Ass w/  Handful of Fish Hooks
Seems like somebody spent the weekend in the mountains with the local bootlegger and then had to go to work on Monday.  Reminiscent of Hot Rod Lincoln, complete with sound effects and lots of energy.  "Hillbilly, Hillbilly, what'd you put in that jar?"
1:32 Sample,
Entire song is 3:23
4. Keep That Drunk Off the Juke Box
Tommy's spin on "beach music" will have you rolling on the floor.  A great piece of song writing as usual.
1:32 Sample,
Entire song is 3:40
5. Dammit Boy
Inspired by a close friend, who coined the phrase as far as we know.  His wife and the ladies wanted a "dance song", so Tommy wrote this for them and it's a whole lot of fun for everybody.  Plus, you'll find yourself using this phrase all the time... "Dammit Boy!"
1:22 Sample,
Entire song is 2:29
6. Ain't Whistlin Dixie
Destined to be the next "Song of the South", this meaningful, mid tempo is chocked full of great harmonies and a beautiful guitar solo.  Many people's favorite.
1:51 Sample,
Entire song is 5:20
7. Cadillac Motel
A solid rocker with Tommy's trademark hit song style and a subtle jab at the womanizing of a certain evangelist in the breakdown.  Can you guess who it is?
1:37 Sample,
Entire song is 4:53
8. What Do The Kitties Think?
"When you fall in the house and step on their mouse, and pass out in the sink,"  Way too funny for minors.  Somebody might have been drinking while writing this song.
1:30 Sample,
Entire song is 4:19
9. Beer Dumplin
This is a real rocker with great production and Tommy plays harp as well.  All about the friend or relative that comes to visit and never leaves.  "He wears my shoes and my socks, my cowboy hat and God knows what."... Dammit Boy!
1:35 Sample,
Entire song is 4:33
10. Dixie Style
Did we mention Tommy has a love affair with his homeland?  This reminds southern boys to stand up and be counted.  A straight ahead rocker with all the boys.  (Rebel, Rebel)
1:26 Sample,
Entire song is 2:46
11. What's Your Sister's Name?
"Does she want to hanky panky?"  From the 1990 Mega sessions, again exhibiting Tommy's unique chords "the claw" and harmonies as only he can do it.
1:31 Sample,
Entire song is 4:24
12. I Ain't Gonna Two Step (with two left feet anymore)
A favorite of listeners and reminds us that most musicians don't dance for a good reason.  Superb guitar picking on this cut (Too Tall).
1:25 Sample,
Entire song is 3:52
13. Quit Yer Grinnin' (And Drop You're Linen)
This phrase and title came from Blackfoot's road manager, Buck Townsend, to Skeeter Brandon to Tommy Redd... and into songs by both Skeeter and Tommy.  The rest is another road story.
1:21 Sample,
Entire song is 4:39
14. In A Hurry
May be true for New York City, but Tommy don't want it 'round here.  Also called the "auctioneers song."  Tommy let's the out-of-staters know where they can go in a hurry! Very up tempo bluegrass style.
1:24 Sample,
Entire song is 2:42
15. Haunted House
The oldest and most obscure Tommy hit.  Everybody loves this one and you will too.  Shoulda coulda been a top 10 radio hit.
1:29 Sample,
Entire song is 3:06
16. Puff Granddaddy
Tommy's "rap" song about the aging hipster that thinks "crack" is a sexual thing.  "Talks more trash than a Christmas turkey, scored his Viagra, now he's feeling perky, come on gals let's get ready... for Puff Granddaddy."
1:41 Sample,
Entire song is 3:44
17. G.R.I.T.S. (Girls Raised in the South)
"Georgia peaches, Carolina beaches, daisy dukes and cowboy boots."  A solid rocker ala Skynyrd/38 Special.  Tommy pays tribute to our home grown girls as only he can.
1:32 Sample,
Entire song is 3:52
18. Farwood
It's a southern thing and correct spelling has nothing to do with it.  This song is dedicated to Mr. Tommy Blue, affectionately called "Farwood".
1:31 Sample,
Entire song is 2:46

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